What is Multi Active Milk Serum?
The Latin word for whey is serum. This points out the familiarness of the none curdled element of milk in ancient times. The patented procedure makes it possible to produce Multi Active Milk Serum on a natural basis.
The Serum contains eminent natural proteins, amino acid, all vitamins, trace elements and metabolism products of lactic acid bacteria.
What does the Multi Active Milk Serum do for the skin?
It is known that proteins of Milk Serum are eminent and physiological easily applicable. Especially the acid hydrolysis proteins have enormous protecting abilities. Due to the stabilizing pH-values the buffer capacity of the skin increases directly. The natural Lactic acids contain important functions with the protection against several skin diseases.

De Bio-Gen skincare products support and activate symbiotic systems of the skin and its flora. Next to this the products stimulate and feed the skin in a natural way while rebuilding itself. This on the ground that the products are rich of a natural source with milk proteins, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, lactic as well as metabolism products of lactic acids. Especially due to this the products are very suitable for people with a sensitive or dry skin.