We have chosen to distinguish ourselves by focusing on solids that meet the following conditions:

– Cosmos Certified;
– Free from (micro) plastics;
– Natural ingredients;
– Biodegradable ingredients, so not only no waste but also no negative effect on the environment after use;
– Ph skin neutral products;
– No SOAP! Mild to skin and hair, leaves the skin’s natural protective layer intact;
– FSC cardboard, recycled paper;
– CO2 neutrally produced products;
– Economical in use.

1: Cosmos Natural Certified
The first reason is a very important one for us, which we are also very proud of. Our solids are Cosmos Natural Certified. This means that we comply with the European standard for Natural Cosmetics, which examines, among other things, the biodegradability of a product, the absence of toxic substances and whether the production process is sustainable.

2: Natural ingredients
Our solids consist of 99% natural ingredients. You can hardly get your care products much more pure. And that’s a nice thought.

3: Lots of choice
The line of solids is expanding rapidly. We therefore have a wide range for skin, hair and face in different scents and colors.
Below is a selection of the possibilities:
– Shampoo bars;
– Conditioner bar;
– Shampoo & conditioner bar;
– Shower bars;
– Face cleansing bars;
– Body and face scrub bars;
– Body lotion bars;
– Shaving bars.